at  Coffee Planet  1-31 July 2015


 Closing Reception Thursday July 30. 4-7pm



Coffee Planet  presents “Shards of Memory: Reflections and Glances from the Trail,” an exhibit of images – with an accompanying book - by area artists, Letitia Splain Dayer and Roger B. Wyatt. The exhibition runs from Wednesday, July 1 through Friday, July 31. 


 There will be an Artists’ Closing Reception on Thursday, July 30th, from 4 to 7:00pm at  Coffee Planet 


There will be a BOOK SIGNING at the Closing Reception on July 30th of “Shards of Memory,” an exquisitely printed book of images and accompanying poetic texts from the show.  “As we pursued this project, the exhibit expanded quite organically into a book. This project, our first major shared creative undertaking, generated so much energy and creativity that the book was inevitable,” Letitia said. 



Letitia Splain Dayer is an expressive arts painter who refers to her style of working as jazz painting, an intuitive process of creating images and the accompanying poetry. She is also the founder of the Barn at Bassett House (BBH), a community art space located 15 minutes east of Saratoga, on the shores of the Hudson River in Greenwich, NY. Filmmaker and digital artist, Roger Wyatt, conjures up images of the extraordinary found within the ordinary. After both had gone through several years of similar difficult times, the two artists met in 2010 at a fundraiser held at BBH.  They were immediately attracted by the wit, talent, and charm of the other. Very soon they joined their studios, projects, and their lives. Wyatt observes that “The result of our intertwined lives is ‘the alchemy of love and art’ that graces the walls with our exhibition.”  


The exhibition, composed of original images created by the two artists, include paintings, Giclees, and digital image montages. Letitia observes, “Giclees are fine art reproductions that are signed and numbered museum quality limited editions. Each digitally mastered print is produced under the direction of the artist on acid free cotton rag paper.”



The “Shards of Memory” exhibition explores the observation that we remember moments, not days. The past is remembered more like haiku rather than a novel. The exhibit examines the fleeting glances; the silence after the door has closed. These images show us that, over time we become a lifetime of moments. 



First Fridays in Ballston Spa 
Dan Berggren & Ed Lowman

A tradition-based songsmith, Dan Berggren writes with honesty, humor and a strong sense of place. His songs explore the many dimensions of home, hard-working folks, taking care of our planet and each other. 

While his roots are firmly in the Adirondacks where he was raised, Dan's music has branched out across many borders. The award-winning educator and musician has entertained audiences from Kentucky to Michigan, Belgium to Bulgaria, and Zimbabwe to Transylvania.


Friday March 6th  6pm-9pm.

First Fridays in Ballston Spa 
Annie & the Hedonists
A band with a great lead singer and tight harmonies, covering an eclectic mix of acoustic blues, vintage jazz and swing, and folk roots Americana.
“Annie struts right to the heart of each sassy, nostalgic song and gives us a piece of her mind in a voice that sits comfortably alongside the greats of the American jazz tradition.”

- Sarah Craig, Manager, Caffe Lena



Friday May 1st  6pm-9pm.

Saturday Brunch in Ballston Spa 
Davey O

If you don't already know of Davey O. and his music, perhaps it's time. This Buffalo, NY based songwriter has embarked on a decade-plus journey of growth, discovery, joy, and heartbreak that has resulted in a collection of justly-earned, highly introspective songs, - pure Americana written for the thinking person that is not of the social and political consciousness, but drawn from the deep well of experience and human emotion - no hackneyed story lines, no insincere polish, just an unflinching poet's look at life. The characters woven seamlessly into stories of which the song itself becomes the soundtrack for the movie playing inside the listener's head.

Armed with a steady, rhythmic pulse on his Gibson guitar, a battered straw cowboy hat and a no apologies rust-belt work ethic, Davey puts rubber to asphalt, entertaining attentive, diverse audiences at listening rooms, coffeehouses, nightclubs, festivals, colleges and universities throughout the Northeast, Midwest, Midsouth and Atlantic U.S. - performances that result in engagement, participation and communion between performer and audience through story and song


Saturday May 2nd  11am-1pm.

Sunday Brunch in Ballston Spa 
Dave Maynard

Dave's first performance was on the recorder at the age of seven.  He played in countless restaurants, bars and dance clubs from Florida to New Hampshire and as far west as Ohio.  He has played three times in Harlem's Apollo Theater, did a residency at the Cheetah in New York City, played guitar for Patti Labelles girl group LABELLE and appeared on local television in New York City, Philadelphia and Albany.

During the early 90s Dave recorded and performed regularly in the Capital region with The Weasels and Medusa Pleasureworks. He has been performing as a soloist in the Capital Region since the mid 90s.  His work includes weddings, special events, restaurants and coffee houses.


Dave has released four CDs - Dave Maynard Then & Now, Song For My Father, Nylon & Nails and a CD of jazz standards and compositions by Brazilian classical guitarist Heitor Villa Lobos.

When: Sunday
June 28th. 11am-1pm
Also Playing: Sunday
July 26th 11am-1pm

Weekend Brunch in Ballston Spa 
Stories Told

Stories Told is the acoustic singer/songwriter duo of Gary Moon and Alice Hausmann, and originated in the Saratoga Springs arts scene in upstate New York.

Alice answered her musical calling in the Saratoga music scene performing with a wide range of area musicians, and accompanying herself on guitar and ukelele.

Gary has performed at venues in the Lake George region covering the songs of popular artists of the singer-songwriter genre all the while sharpening his own songwriting skills and drawing on these influences to craft his own original compositional style.

While their vocal styles are unique as solo artists, their harmonies blend perfectly whether they are performing original songs, contemporary folk-pop hits, or classic folk standards.

When: Sunday
August 16th. 11am-1pm
September 6th. 11am-1pm
Also Playing: Saturday
September 26th 11am-1pm
First Fridays in Ballston Spa
Kevin Mullaney


        I was born in NYC. Grew up on Long Island.  My early musical influences include Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin,  Bad Company and the Cars.  Mix tapes(yes cassette) brought to my ears some of the early groups of hip hop, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, the Wu Tang Clan and whatever was the DJ layered in was truly a musical buffet.  I really loved to listen to music and never thought I myself had any shot at playing music and much less writing my own songs.   In college I had an awakening to the fact that I was truly destined to write and follow a spiritual path and so I did.  I left school, had bought an old beat up red guitar made by the 'Global' guitar company and off we went.  
         About 3 years after that I began to play open mics every night of the week.  Sometimes performing twice per night.  I learned to accompany other musicians on the conga's which led to more stage time.  I was playing my own shows a few years later with the help of some seasoned musicians in Saratoga Springs NY.  I was a working musician before my twenties were out and I have been improving my skills ever since.  I feel very lucky to have found this path.  I truly love connecting with people through music.  It is a spiritual experience to listen and to play music when it is held in that light.  
     I now teach guitar and am a husband and a father.  Having children changed the whole game.  Now I have a focus and more mouths to feed which leads to new innovation and the highest motivation for us as human beings, 'what legacy will I leave behind?  Am I leaving this world better than I found it? '   This summer I am recording some new songs as well as developing an online guitar course for Adult students of music.  Ask me about it if you are interested in rapidly learning to play guitar.  Music is like oxygen, it should be free.

Friday August 7th 6-9pm

First Fridays in Ballston Spa 
"Matt Durfee"

Raised in the Schoharie Valley, Durfee's songs reflect his rural upbringing. Leaving pretense and posturing behind, Durfee performs with an aching honesty, pushing his picking capabilities to the limit and choosing his lyrics carefully. Story songs, breath-taking instrumentals, and truly original works dominate Durfee's playing, with suprising covers and moments of lightness and laughter keeping listeners engaged.


Durfee has performed for years as a solo artist, as half of the acoustic duo Palatypus, and as part of the acoustic rock trio the Rattling Baddlies.  He has shared stages with many rising stars in the singer-songwriter/ indie rock genre, including Sean Rowe, Amy LaVere, Ryan Montbleu, Diego Garcia, Zach Deputy, Deer Tick, The Felice Brothers and more...


In 2007, Palatypus released a five song ep, "Lazaretto" featuring two of Durfee's original tunes.  The album remains out of print at the time.


His latest release is 2013's "Little World", a full album of original songs featuring performances from some of Durfee's closest musical friends.  Durfee continues to perform in support of the album and is prepping a new batch of songs to be recorded in the coming year with The Rattling Baddlies.



Friday September 4th  6pm-9pm.

Also Performing!


First Fridays in Ballston Spa
L.B. Walker

It's exceedingly rare these days to see an old-fashioned one man band in the style of say, Jessie "Lone Cat" Fuller, but Mr. L.B. Walker is the real thing. He straps on a guitar, throws a harp in the rack and sticks a tambourine beneath his foot, counts four and the blues begin. It's charming, anachronistic and totally cool, all at the same time.

Friday October 2nd. 6-9pm

AlsoPlaying: Sundays 
August 9th - 11am-1pm
September 6th - 11am-1pm
November 8th - 11am-1pm
First Fridays in Ballston Spa
Steve Candlen

“Songs can present themselves anywhere from conversation to contemplation in every aspect of experience one might encounter on any given day. Recognizing such moments as inspiration and the ammunition to write something poignant and cohesive is half the battle. I write simple yet vulnerable melodies about the experiences of life, love, and perspective in the 21st century. I enjoy writing from a title that hands me a topic allowing me to color in the blanks. Other than that I’m just an average minded goofball.”

“I’ve played drums for most of my life in and around my hometown of Albany, NY – touring nationally with Felix Caveliere’s Rascals (The Young Rascals) 88′ through 96′, presently with Columbia recording artist Franklin Micare and Irish folk artist Kevin Mckrell. In 2003 I decided to start performing solo (guitar/vocal). I was the winner of the 2005 “Music For Miracles” Songwriting Contest with the title ” All Over The World”, was voted Metroland Magazine’s “Best Male Vocalist 2006”, and “Best Drummer 2007”. I hope you enjoy my music.”


Friday April 8, 2016. 6-9pm